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Combined with reams of articles about ebola appearing today for some reason. Of course, it’s a death in USA and a death in Europe.

Here in Liverpool UK I suspect we have had it before, hazy recollections of vague ‘cholera with bleeding’ accounts of some plagues in the past, firstly with the slave traders from W Africa and secondly with the weird and wonderful animals they brought over and farmed out to local landowners for ‘quarantine’, which is more likely to have been just housing in those days with a view to making money as a zoo. When they died the animals were tossed down the sewers, in those days the underground water channels were freshwater and used for drinking as well. Humans were in mass graves some of which have been exhumed with building works. Any shallow graves will have been dug out by dogs or foxes. Thankfully it is a tropical disease which does not survive the English winter and there is nothing that deters a live virus better than a dead one. Lots of dead viruses around here.

Meanwhile, what’s in those tablets they are giving me?

The legends have been sheer fantasy. I have had an ear infection that hasn’t responded to neomycin in the past. I have taken to wearing an earplug to stop me fiddling in my ear, it’s just one zit, and I coated the plugs with zinc oxide cream to see what happened. I trapped three, one swiss army knife on legs, a woolly thing as seen at the conservation center and a cross between a newt a fish and a dragon.

Getting into the swiss army knife on legs, the legs belonged to assorted sons and nephews, they think they are on Mars, they are mining, turfing really the earwax, using an adaptation of that useless thing to get stones out of horses hooves into a razor wire type cutter, but I haven’t found out what they do with the wax. However the zit is an egg case which periodically blows out like corals and lichens do, and they have worked out a splendiferous colour coding to help decide what to eat next as they have adopted the piscatorial eating offspring method of survival. Ours is a very ingenius family, the system would probably work just as well on Mars, just unfortunate they’re in my right ear at the wrong level for comfort.

It’s another problem of being menopausal I guess, being reduced to viral level myself, parasites and their frass seem to have more influence and overwhelm the whole system.

This is just a memo really, women have been ‘cracking’ useful things for millennia, based around the camp fire originally most of the results are now in the shops as a result of best practice being adopted over millennia.   Men, also have been ‘cracking’ useful things, for their hunting trips mostly, but the male psyche limits availability because of “enemies”  (anyone else who could possibly use whatever and gain advantage).

Choose your field of science to suit your character.

Cooking, health and clothing and other domestic things have historically been the woman’s domain, and working, mostly without chemical or physics formulae, or access to Universties they have managed to bring the world to the state we lived in at the turn of the last century, no mean feat.

Then the brainds  took over, a mixture of brands and brains in marketing, nothing to do with science, but it’s affected our expectations of science no end.

Another thing about men is how do they manage to spin a theory that would take a woman a day to prove into years and years of postgraduate  funding?

this blog

stimulated this would have been a comment but goes on too long.

Bank Holiday Sunday and I find my fb page overloaded with messages from people I do not recognise from my friends list. It appears MERS HAS HIT an Iraqi leader and they are in for a mass of unstable ammunition explosions and deaths, Unfortunate timing.

I will try again and see if it has been unhacked.

I don’t like the look of my website at the moment, the first blog is a reblog so I will have to write another to hide that one.  So I look through the drafts I have put together waiting for inspiration.

Well, I had 6 minutes until I was disturbed by the noise of the trains in the trainstation game to pull the reminder words into a blog.  The first phrase is quartz – spirituality enhancer.

I came across this for the second time, (The first several times were in geology topic blogs.  Apparently over 90% of our earth is composed of quartz in its various forms, from sand to volcanos via allsorts.   Remember that as you read this)  in someone else’s pin and it caught my eye because it looked somewhat like a rock of quartz in I have, so it reminded me they haven’t been cleaned for nigh on a year,  I cleaned them, which meant handling them rather than contemplating them.

This crystals having healing powers malarkey has always been rubbish to me, but my dreams changed that night.  Instead of visualising biologically correct images of dragonfly, ichneumon wasp and the other similar larvae in my little pond, they were looking like the ‘ here be monsters’ cartoons as they ate the tadpoles.  It’s not long since I wrote about graven images!  Why images picked up in a days computer action can superimpose themselves on the pre-recorded  visual experiences the brain must store, in a dream, after handling those crystals. It is probably all to do with latent energy being changed, either blocking the route to the originals or making do with latest input out of blatant laziness, creativity or invention but I refuse to classify it as evolution.

Crystals intrigue me because of their shapes, the consistency of form, knowing that it applies to every molecule down to electron microscopy level, and assuming it will be the same wherever you are on this earth.

At this stage I decided, for better or worse to pull in the previous draft, about consciousness.

I go for the whelk shell principle myself.

I quote

Today, Max Tegmark, a theoretical physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, sets out the fundamental problems that this new way of thinking raises. He shows how these problems can be formulated in terms of quantum mechanics and information theory. And he explains how thinking about consciousness in this way leads to precise questions about the nature of reality that the scientific process of experiment might help to tease apart.

“Tegmark’s approach is to think of consciousness as a state of matter, like a solid, a liquid or a gas. “I conjecture that consciousness can be understood as yet another state of matter. Just as there are many types of liquids, there are many types of consciousness,” he says.”


It’s just the beginning,  they are mathematicians and it appears there are as many different understandings of consciousness as there are people involved with that paper.

My whelk shell, battered and exposing chambers, is a readymade handle on the degrees and levels of consciousness,  you can work backwards to the tip and decide which level constitutes still alive but unconscious.

Deciding if people are alive or dead has gotten to be more complicated than clouding a mirror recently.

Forensically speaking, hair continuing to grow means buried alive but that first (Tip of the shell) compartment of fungal level existence is not an indication of consciousness or being capable of supporting life as we know it in any way.  The ‘sleeping beauty’ syndrome indicates that life will be feasible once they are brought round,  but they are not conscious at all,  they have retired to the upper chambers of the shell, best described as limbo.

The next bit down the shell is hibernation, a clock of sorts has been added to the limbo state, so they come round of their own accord.  That clock is most likely a temperature sensor.

Whilst medicine men are agonising over how many cavities it takes to consider a patient alive the mathematician authors of that paper have gone straight to the complex recognition problems of the latest cavity to develop.

Another interesting fact of life, you can skin a hibernating bear but not a sleeping bear.

to reason about the conditions under which consciousness arises and how we might exploit it to better understand why the world around us appears as it does.

If consciousness arises with a simple on/off switch, the reason you cannot skin a sleeping bear safely, I assume (as there were too many words I didn’t understand in the introduction to the paper itself to actually read it), the term ‘conditions under’ refers to what the hell woke that bear up applied to both state of sleep and hibernation as they are different.  The state of sleep is one chamber back and hibernation two or three chambers back, one chamber back responds to touch, the others to different signals not including touch.  And so on.  Evolutionarily speaking hearing is one of the original organs incorporated in a human body and presumably animals as well, it comes with one of the chambers near the tip of the shell.

In 2008, Tononi proposed that a system demonstrating consciousness must have two specific traits. First, the system must be able to store and process large amounts of information. In other words consciousness is essentially a phenomenon of information.

Information accessed by energy, to differentiate I would say ‘awareness’ is a phenomenon of information, stored photographic plates, wavelengths, chemical formulae etc associated with either harm or no harm.


Take for example, the idea that the information in a conscious system must be unified. That means the system must contain error-correcting codes that allow any subset of up to half the information to be reconstructed from the rest.

Buggered up by all the quartz superimposing transient images on stored facts.  Still, we have to live with it and make the best we can.

All I’m looking for is a diagram of a whelk shell,  and I ended up here,  all to do with neurotoxins and seafood poisoning.  Probably explains everything.  You will have to imagine a hand sized broken down whelk shell or find one on the beach.










Psychiatry’s scientific reboot gets under way – health – 07 May 2014 – New Scientist.

Note the list at the end then match up to injuries to the body when dysfunctional.

If only we were born with a list of which motor cells from which organ were used for building which area of the body then co-ordinated with the brain as a foetus.

At the moment you only find out when the linked to organs are damaged.

Tonights blog

***!!! I’ve lost the reader again, and I suspect it boils down to the same reason  –  ‘mobile’  – as the update from the ts game which wouldn’t let me into full screen mode which I dealt with this morning.  That game is OK now as I started again from the original, but the mobile drivers must still be hanging around.

Anyway, from the email, Inhabitat news letter to be precise,  a step closer to the people and  weather free energy sources some of us dream of.

“Unlike most photovoltaic cells that require direct sunlight, the one used here can generate electricity from diffused indoor lighting and its performance is independent from outside weather conditions. Four cells for each USB port need about an hour to fully charge a battery. This innovative furniture piece is currently exhibited at Salone Satellite as part of the 2014 Milan Design Week.

Read more: Marjan van Aubel’s Solar-Powered Current Table Uses Photosynthesis to Charge Your Gadgets | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building”

Do they do wall paper is what I want to know.   Paste a sheet on the wall and plug in wireless speakers.  A second thought,  is it a material that can cover a stand alone speaker? Thoughts of the ouzel bird spring to mind as we need to plug a usb into it somewhere, which will have to be connected to something somewhere else in the speaker.  I was so upset to find that all wireless speakers come with wires to the nearest plug, in my case 20 feet, but the battery operated wireless Bluetooth speaker is OK, just that I haven’t got the Bluetooth stuff I need.  Is that a disadvantage or not?  It works from the computer anyway but while it’s searching for the ‘pairing’ it’s picking up all the Bluetooth calls in the neighbourhood.

Another simple problem arising from that problem is where do I find out what the wireless system that runs this keyboard and mouse is called and will it run a wireless speaker.  I am totally useless at remembering the search terms that are likely to find me an answer, let alone which of all the alternative pages to use.

So I think I’ll publish this now then think about what to do.

Clarification needed

102 trident = mercury, methyl mercury, puffer fish toxins.  prepare to meet your maker.

It’s not often that I take any notice of these things that turn up on facebook from religious people, and to be honest, as this was posted by a games player I have no idea which religion it represents.  BUT  it is also the first time I have seen these images together and there are too many tridents for my liking.  I know that tridents represent the element mercury,  methyl mercury or puffer fish toxins kill instantly, pick up a legend like that and prepare to meet your maker, or prepare now just in case as you wont have time when you do pick up a legend like that.   Maybe the sun rays represent radiation, also nothing you can do about that, it’s always too late.

SO  has there been a mis-translation or misunderstanding somewhere.   Why are people still calling them gods?   surrounding them with mystique.   The diseases and toxins they represent claim the lives, why call them sacrifices to the gods in this day and age?

The bottom left image is Egyptian and looks like a bird.  I was given a tee shirt with those hieroglyphs on and I think they are a medical notebook, pick out that legend and expect so many thousand deaths from ‘bird flu’ etc.

So here we are, studying a picture of what must have been graven images in it’s past but now they are digitalised.  Trying to translate from tribal mentality of thousands of years ago to the urbanisation and widespread knowledge base of today.  Can we translate gods as viruses or should it be toxins?  maybe demons are chemical toxins, whatever, salt baking powder or even chlorine bleach will help neutralise viruses but poisonous chemicals have their own antidotes, too many to list understandably.

Maybe that is why, in the past, leaders never tried explaining things to the  masses, they never understood.   And there is still a hangover these days with politicians using the possibility of a mass panic situation as an excuse not to tell it straight.  That problem is compounded many times by the preponderance of daytime TV wafflers filling airtime.   At least that is one field where the internet helps, going to whichever source web site relevant to the problem, medical, vetinary or toxicology just to track developments if it worries you, living your own life if it doesn’t.




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